McLaughlins Lawyers is a Law Firm that focusses on their clients’ needs.

They came to see us get their story told as legal practices have changed so much since the 1960s.

We love working with businesses that put their clients first. When going through the Story Development Session, we realised this was a law firm with a difference.

It’s easy to be uplifted by the positive culture at McLaughlins Lawyers and to immediately not have trust in their ability to serve their clients and to help them grow.

McLaughlins Lawyers puts a big emphasis on legal issues of families and businesses, and we noticed it at every point of us telling their story.

The critical outcomes for a Business Overview Story are to build trust and really show that the human element of the people behind the business.

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I like helping people, having a client go away knowing that they’ll come back to us because they trust us. It makes me feel proud and worthwhile. That’s what I get up and come to work for because I’m doing something that I actually believe in.

Our overall mission is not just for the growth and success of McLaughlin’s, but also to enable the growth and success of our clients. They come to us for all of their legal needs, for their family’s legal needs, for their businesses, legal needs, and they stay with us for life because we can provide all the needs that they have and we’ll always be here.

Reflecting on my father’s time in legal practice in the 1950s and the 1960s it was really seen as almost like a civil duty to the community. Through the eighties and nineties you had a change into a very much commercial business driven style of legal practice. That was inevitable, but it did end up with a real division between those lawyers that were really truly serving their clients and those that were just in it to make money.

We’re all about utilising technology for the benefit of us, but we don’t want to lose that point of contact and that relationship with the client. The culture is such an important thing in a firm. I’m a bit younger than the other directors, so for me I’m trying to inject a little bit of youth and high energy into their culture. If people love going to work then they’re going to love what they’re doing that much more and the client’s always going to benefit from a happy culture because they’ll get happy solicitors.

We like our clients to see that we are real people and that we are a cohesive group. We do things like have an annual birthday function.

We also get involved in various community events like the CEO sleep out, raise money for homeless people, fund raising and legal help for domestic violence groups. Because we see that as just a key part of what we’re doing in acting for family law clients and another really important way that we can give back to the community.

The number of reasons why people don’t want to come and see a lawyer. They’re worried about the cost. They think that they’re going to have to go to court. They’re going through one of the most stressful periods of their life. For me to take them on a journey through to resolving it at the end of the day so that they can financially move on with their life. They know that their children are being looked after. That just gives them the overwhelming sense of relief. That’s what keeps me inspired to come to work and see who I can help that day.

I’m very proud to be involved in a practice that is really carrying on that legacy or what lawyers should really be doing, and that is looking after their clients’ interests.