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by | Apr 27, 2018 | Quick One

Market at the Right Time

Do not create video before taking this into consideration! A client and good friend of mine, Jodi, form Buzzword said something to me and it really made me think. Jodi’s business does SEO for his clients and he gets some amazing results.

He told me to not do marketing when it gets quiet. You should start doing marketing when it is busy. When you are overwhelmed with work, when you have too many clients and when you don’t think you could possibly handle any more work. I agree 100% with that theory.

Keep on Advertising no Matter What!

Don’t wait until its quite to start planting seeds. It’s going to take a while for you to harvest those seeds. Make sure you dont stop marketing, advertising or finding new business when you are busy. Do your marketing when you’ve got all hands on deck, create videos for your business when you don’t think you can possibly handle it. Create your own economy, don’t rely on the luck.

One of the benefits of doing it when you’re busy is you’ve got a lot to talk about, you’ll have a lot of confidence, and that confidence will come through your voice and it will inspire your clients to take action. This means your business will never be short of work. If you are always promoting what you do and how you can solve your client’s problems, you will always have business coming in. When you are busy put out a lot of content and activity!

Don’t wait until its too late before marketing and creating videos for your business.

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