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Feed Your Mate, Help A Farmer

Our NSW farmers are experiencing the worst drought we’ve seen since 1980. The drought in NSW is being labeled as the ‘driest period in the last decade’.

Some areas have recorded just 99mm of rain in 2018, with the average rainfall so far in the region being 256mm in 2018.

The lack of rainfall isn’t the only issue here. Average temperatures, almost 10 degrees higher than normal results in a hot, dry climate. Water use is at an all-time high and if the rain doesn’t come soon, water restrictions will be put into effect.

These harsh conditions result in farmers going to extremes to provide feed for their livestock.

Some farmers who can’t afford enough feed for their livestock are losing hope. Initiatives like Aussie Helpers, with support from Ivory Coat, are making a huge difference for our farmers who are doing it tough.

They bring hope to the farmers who have lost it. We need more people to get behind organisations like these and save our farmers.

Awareness Is Key

When our nation experiences issues like these, it’s a great opportunity to pull together and get behind our farmers to push them through. After all, without them, Australia starves.

In order for people to be in a position where they can help out, they need to know the severity of the issue. How can you help if you don’t know anything about it?

This is where building awareness is so important. In order to raise awareness, we need to ensure that we use the right tools that are available to make the biggest impact possible.

We helped Ivory Coat create a video that showed how Aussie helpers are helping farmers feed livestock that would otherwise be lost. This video is carefully designed to have the most impact on the viewer as possible.

Building A Video That Gets Results

Video is the most effective way to get a message across to an audience.

People believe what they see more than if they heard or read the same information. We can also process visual information 60,000 times quicker than audio or text.

This makes video the ideal way to get the best way to get a message across to an audience in a way that they will receive and process what has been conveyed.

Videos work so well because it has one key ingredient in it, storytelling. Story works to create an emotional connection in the viewer that leaves a lasting impression.

It sets the foundation of trust and establishes a relationship before even coming into contact with the viewer.

When you watch Barry’s story and how he is being helped, you form a connection that elicits an emotional response that moves you to take action. This is what makes video so powerful.

The story becomes so much more real than if you just read or heard it.

If you would like to play a part in supporting our farmers, click the link to donate to Aussie Help.

Feed Your Mate. Help A Farmer


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