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The Barrier To The Sale

What is the number one obstacle that stops your clients committing to a sale?

These obstacles that stop your sale from going through are called objections. With any challenge, objections can be overcome and conquered. All it takes it training your self on how to best combat these objections and overcome them and then practicing.

Learning to identify exactly what the objection is and the cause for this objection is crucial in conquering and overcoming it.

The Worst Objection (the one they don’t tell you)

The worst objection that anyone can possibly get is the one that the prospect didn’t tell you about.

It is the one that they had but didn’t bring up.

The one that you didn’t know about or even have the opportunity to overcome.

This happens because you did not build a valuable relationship with that potential client. There was no connection and they did not trust you enough to reveal any objections that they may have had. This means that you will never be in a position to provide them with a solution.

The importance of creating a connection with your client is paramount. It is the foundation you need to establish trust and move forward in the sales process.

We are using storytelling as a method of building trust, identifying objections and then crushing them!

Telling Stories

Storytelling is how we have been connecting with each other since the beginning of time. The only thing that has changed is the way that we communicate those stories and how we use them. Today storytelling is used in most forms of media but very rarely are people using it as an asset in their businesses.

Storytelling is the starting point of common ground. Its how we get past the ‘first impression’ stage and onto forming a relationship. It helps to set the foundation of the friendship and allows for trust to start building between you and the prospect.

For example, the other day I was with a potential client and I knew she had objections but I couldn’t relate to her enough to establish a connection that would allow her to open up and tell me her objections. I could not get past the barrier of unfamiliarity and distrust.

What I should have done is use storytelling to break down those barriers. I should have told her stories of past clients that were in a similar position to her.

I could have shown her case study videos of how clients like her have overcome the challenges that she was going through. I guarantee that it would have made a huge difference to the outcome of that meeting. I know that she would have been comfortable enough to share any objections that she would have had.

Overcoming Objections With Story

Once you have built up enough trust between you and your prospect and have identified any objections that they may have, its time to crush them. Using storytelling is a great way to do this.

When you tell a story, you put the prospect in the shoes of the main character. The prospect will relate to the character in the story and recognize that they are in the same or a similar position. The story takes them on a journey through the problem and shows them that it is possible to overcome their issue using your business.

When the prospect sees how the character has overcome their issue and what they have been able to achieve because of that, it shows what is possible. It creates hope and shows them what they can achieve if they overcome this problem.

Storytelling Is An Asset

Storytelling breaks down the barrier of unfamiliarity and the fear of the unknown and brings clarity to the prospect. It shows them what steps they need to take to achieve the goals that they desire.

Use storytelling in everything you do and you’ll start to form stronger connections and long-lasting relationships with your clients.

This is a valuable tool to add to your arsenal and one that should never be overlooked and passed over.

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