How To Structure Your Content Videos for Better Engagement


by Oct 16, 2018Blog Video

How To Structure Your Content

The way that you structure your content is very important. It plays a big part in how successful that particular piece of content will be and how your audience connects with it.

All the content that you create should have the same goal or outcome. The outcome of your content should be that your audience connects, engages, understands what you are communicating to them and takes action.

This can be done by following a simple structure. This is the same structure that all our clients use and that we use when creating content videos for all our clients.

What | Why | How

What – What are you talking about in this content? What is the topic/subject that your content is on? What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Why – Why does this affect the audience? Why do they need to know this information and why will they care?

How – How does this information benefit the viewer? How can they use this information to solve their problem?

By using this structure it ensures that the content you produce communicated your message in a clear and concise manner that your audience will understand and benefit from.

Is there any content that you can apply this structure too?

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