How to Scale Your SAAS Company Using Videos


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Software as a Service?

If you are a SAAS company and you know you have a great product then here are some great ideas for getting more awareness. If you are at the point where you have your team developing the software daily, you are finished testing and you are ready to scale the service, this is for you!

If your software is ready to take on as many clients as possible, 5000, 10,000 or however many clients you can handle, then its time to get the word out. Your sales people are probably doing an amazing job signing clients up but what if you could have a salesperson working for you 24/7?

Digital Salespeople. Imagine if you could give the perfect pitch every time, any time and anywhere in the world? This would play a huge part in scaling your business. The ability to go international and be running at any given time of the day.

The Best Digital Salesperson is Video!

There are many different kinds of video’s that you can use to scale your software as a service. Here are a few ideas on the types of video that you can use.

1. Overview or Explainer Video

The first video that you can use is called an Overview video. This is also known as an explainer video. In this video, you show the value of your service to the prospect. You explain exactly what problem your software can solve for your customers and it gives them an insight into your company and who you are. This helps to build trust in your audience and essentially ‘breaks the ice’.

2. Case Study or Customer Testimonial Videos

Social proof is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to selling a software product. This is why one of the most effective types of video you can use is a case study video, also known as customer testimonials. This is where you create stories about how you have solved one of your customer’s problems. This video should show the journey that your customers have been on to find you, the problems that they faced along the way and how you have been the answer to their business or person.

3. Educational Content Videos

The third kind of video you can use is content videos. These are videos that educate and provide value to your customers around certain topics relating to your service. These videos can be used to overcome objections before the prospect even brings it up.

These kind’s of videos are valuable assets in the sales process and if utilised correctly can be a major part of the success of your software as a service. There are many more ways to use video to directly affect your sales process but also inspire and increase productivity and culture within your team.

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