What does your Follow Up or Recall system look like?

A brand new video on the follow up and a creative hot tip to increase your client, patient, and customer engagement and retention.

We love working with businesses that genuinely want to help their people because that is our passion too.

While this video is targeted at dentists, the follow up is just as important for any other business. We’ve helped hundreds of clients in all industries utilise the power of video to achieve their goals and desires.

In this video, I will talk to you about the follow-up, its importance, and how it can be seen as more than just a task to be completed. We want to help our audience grow their businesses and the follow up is one of the easiest ways to do so. It doesn’t take complex SEO algorithms or expensive google and facebook ad campaigns to engage with your audience. We encourage our clients to look for the lowest hanging fruit first.

Watch till the end to get our valuable tip that you can put into action today to see instant results.

What we cover in this video:

  1. What is the follow up?
  2. Why is it important?
  3. Creative idea to generate more active patient engagement.

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Hi it’s Jean-Pierre from Bizvideo, and today I want to talk to you about the follow up.
So we’ll look at what that is, why it’s so important for every business, and I’m also going to give you a little tip on how to make it more creative, and more personalised, which will increase your patients’ active engagement.

So firstly, what is the follow up? Well, the follow up process is an important part of any business. And today I want to speak directly to you dentists out there. So your follow up or recall system is what is most important often when trying to get people back in to your chair. Many of the dentists that we’ve been speaking to have found that only 10% of their patients are booking at the desk before leaving after their appointment. That means that 90% of your patients have to be followed up. Now how well are you doing that follow up process, and how high is your conversion rate once you call or contact them. Also, how friendly is that call or text that encourages those patients to come back to you. And, if you are just calling or texting those patients once during your follow up process, how much do you trust that, that one time engagement will bring them back to your chair.

Ok now for a little creative way to bring that patient back to your chair. It’s something that we do here at Bizvideo, and it’s something that we’ve recommended to many of the businesses we work with, and they’ve seen great results…And that’s to send a selfie video. Now a selfie video is far more friendly than a phone call or a text, it’s more personalised, and you know your patients better than anyone else. It also helps build trust. Now aren’t you far more likely to trust someone when speaking with them face to face than over the phone or via text? We can also guarantee you won’t find anyone else out there doing it in the dental industry.

So why not try a selfie video today and let us know how it goes. And if you’re looking for any more creative ideas that we’ve used with hundreds of other clients email us or contact us. Or, you can book a 15min obligation free call below.

I look forward to talking to you. Have a great day.