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Storytelling In Business

Orange juice and toothpaste, Taylor Swift and relationships, university assignments and happiness, me and exercise, business and story, all things that don’t seem like they go well together. Story is fun, interactive, entertaining, adventurous while business is cold, corporate, intentional and concise. They may seem like opposite ends of the spectrum but when you combine them, you may be pleasantly surprised. Just like coke and mentos, at first it may seem like they are not a good combination but when they come together, you get a sudden unexpected result! You may find that when you mix business and story, an explosion may ensue. Sometimes when you combine opposites, they contribute to what one another is lacking. In this case, story compliments business and it is one of the most passed over assets that you can have for your business.

How It Works

Every business has a story. It is the unique set of circumstances that came together that gave you the passion behind your business. When you harness this unique story and package it in a way that people will receive it, you have an invaluable business asset. Storytelling creates a connection with the audience on an emotional level. It leaves a lasting impression on the viewer that will contribute towards them making a decision and taking action. Using story helps you to qualify your audience. The people who need your product or service will relate to the story and be impacted. One of the most powerful tools of story is the ability to build trust and break down the barriers of unfamiliarity. When an emotional connection is created, you move from being unfamiliar to being relatable and approachable. Globital provides white-label digital marketing services for digital agencies. Their goal is to reshape the way white label digital services are perceived in the industry. We created a business video for them that tells their story.

Its All In The Packaging

Packaging your message in a way that people will receive it is vital to the success of your story. It’s easy to tell a story but its hard to get people to listen. Keeping people engaged with your story once you have their attention is a different ball game as well. The most effective way to deliver your message is through the medium of video. Video is proven to be the medium of communication that gets the highest level of engagement. People believe what they see more than what they read or hear. When they can see the story in front of them it helps to keep them engaged as well as remember what they are seeing and hearing. This is why video is so powerful. In some ways, using story without video will be pointless. They go hand in hand for a reason. It just works! If you are not using storytelling for your business through video then I encourage you to give it a chance and see what happens.

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