We absolutely love working with companies that are ‘shaking up the market’.

Codecom is a very innovative company that truly seeks the best result for their clients.

They are a family owned business and they are doing some big things with the big players. What I love about this is we can definitely relate being a family business ourselves.

The challenge for Codecom, and any business for that matter is that it’s really hard to communicate the value they provide and the problems they overcome for their clients. Being in a very logical and technical industry sometimes it’s easy for clients to forget about the value and rather focus on small details which means there’s no real positive outcome.

The way we helped to overcome this problem was to really understand their business, products, clients and what problems they are solving. Once we understood we were able to transform what was logical into a story focused message with visuals to help people understand.

To start with, we have created a Business Overview Story to help their target market really understand what they do and give an insight into what Codecom is all about.

We have also created a Case Study Story on one of their clients to paint a picture of what results they have been able to get for them and also have a 3rd party validate their products and business.

We love to partner with our clients for the long term to really get them out of Obscurity and get their target market to take notice. As a result, we’re creating ongoing Case Study Videos, Cornerstone Content Videos and also installation and educational videos for them as they grow.

What’s most inspiring of the Codecom company:

Family business
Humility (Always accept feedback)
Hard Work (outwork)
Long term clients
Build Trust
Treat everyone the same
Always improving (the customers are our R&D)
Product Evolution (Always new improvements)
Shake up the market

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Codecom we’re a Fibre Termination company. We really want to build solutions to improve the structure cabling solutions within Dallas centres, telecommunication networks in any network need, so what we’re focused on is building specific products. By being really specific in our design, we enable our customers to deploy high end solutions which are targeted to what they need and that enables them to a save money, build better networks, deploy things globally and scale. What really drives us is working closely with our customers. For us, that’s what we’re really, really passionate about. At the end of the day, we see a lot of reward from helping them overcome their issues and then supporting them longterm.

What we really want to do is challenge the fibre market and the reason why we want to do that is because we’ve seen inflexible approach to a lot of the solutions that have been built. So while we’re really proud of the product range that we’ve got, we really back at engineering capabilities to customise. With the industry the way it is, it’s more so their networks fit the products. We want to take the opposite approach. We want our products to fit their networks, whether that be labelling, whether that be engineering, a panel to meet the needs, we can do all that. We really wanted to bend these where the market was heading. So we’ve got a wide range of products from the one and only solutions to high density ODF’s that’s easy to install, easy to operate, and low risk.

So what we really get excited about is working with the world’s leading providers. We’ve identified that we share the same beliefs. When you share beliefs and some of that really enables you to move forward in a really collaborative way. So it’s been really exciting, really enjoyable to learn and develop and grow together. Codecom’s really focused on working in depth with our customers and over the years we’ve gained a lot of benefit and seen our products evolve because we’ve worked with the people who are at the operational level and understanding what their requirements are, taking that knowledge on board to obviously expand our product sets and improve our product sets to what they are today.