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Video Makes A Difference

In 2018 many businesses are taking advantage of video. Despite video being readily available and around for the past decade, with the jet fuel that is social media to the fire of video, it is rapidly increasing in popularity. Social media has launched video into a class of its own. When it comes to the statistics of engagement of video on social platforms, video far out performs any other medium of communication. The fact that so many businesses are choosing to use video, shows that it is achieving great results. In saying that, the trend of using video is still relatively new. Most businesses in every industry are not using it. You have an opportunity to stand out with video. Video makes all the difference.

What Is The Difference?

EH Hair is not your average hair salon. They specialise in and built their business around hair extensions. Without searching their website and scouring their social media, the average person wouldn’t know. With a video, your whole message, who you are, what you do, why you do it, is packaged in a way that is designed to reach your audience. By showing the audience what your business looks and the reason behind it, builds a level of trust and connection that can not be done in 3 minutes any other way. Having a business overview video enables your business to essentially, ‘break the ice’ with people who you have never met. It gets you past the first barrier that people put up in the sales process. It is an extremely valuable tool that can be used in many different ways to make a difference in your business.

Is Video Right For Me?

Video can benefit every industry. There are many types of video that can be used to boost sales in your business. For example, case study videos and content videos can both be used effectively to grow your company. Case Study videos, similar to testimonial videos, will build more trust and credibility and play a huge role in converting a customer. Content videos can be used to give extra value and educate your audience. There is always a form of video that you can use to benefit your industry.

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