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There Is Something About Storytelling

There is something about a good story that leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Especially when it is a story about how someone’s life was changed for the better. When a story is brought across in a way that is real and authentic, its hard not to believe and fall in love with. Dynamite Studios Australia (DSA) has taken one of their students that has had an amazing transformation and brought their story to life with video. It is the story that makes this video stand out. Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to deliver a message that the audience will remember and move to take action on. This is because story not only creates a visual and mental connection, it also creates an emotional connection. This is the reason that it is so effective. The audience is moved by what they feel in the video. It no longer is just a video, it becomes an experience that they feel and remember. It is this experience of emotion that will move the audience to take action with your business or brand.

Social Currency

This video is powerful as it functions as a form of social proof. Social proof is the currency of the internet. The more you have, the more money you can make. Social proof is a form of marketing that has proven to be highly effective. It is where you get a testimonial from a third party, either another business or a customer, and use it in your marketing to leverage more sales. It is a way of gaining trust and credibility in your brand, product or service. People do not like doing things alone. When you show them that someone has gone before them and had a good experience, it dramatically improves your chance of a sale. It’s the sheep mentality, if someone else does it then its ok for them to do also. There are many forms and ways to use social proof in your business. There is one form of social proof that is the most effective.

Video Is The Way

Social proof in the form of video is the best kind of social proof. Video is the most effective way to bring a message to an audience. It is proven to be the form of content that gets the highest level of engagement on all social platforms. The most effective type of video you can use for your business is social proof video. This is also known as video testimonials or case study videos. When you combine the power of storytelling with social proof and video, you are left with a winning combination that if used correctly can benefit your company in countless ways. The potential value it can provide is massive and it should be seen as an investment in an asset.

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