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Making a Difference

Dr. Libby is a renowned nutritionist who has helped hundreds of women to a healthier life. We were commissioned to help Dr. Libby tell her story and invite other women who are battling with their health and happiness to join her program. She is passionate about helping woman to achieve a life of balance and happiness.

This video is to promote Dr. Libby’ new ‘Weight Loss For Woman’ program that she runs. She shares some of her stories and tells us why she does what she does. The program is an eight-week course that is designed to educate woman on all factors that contribute to their well being. The course is not just information that you gain access to. It is a lifestyle and a way of life that leads to a happier, healthier self.

We had the responsibility of communicating that the course was a lifestyle. We achieved this in the video through the use of carefully planned story telling. The video tells a story and shows hope through that story. This emotionally connects the right viewers to Dr. Libby. It then no longer becomes about what is in the course but who is behind the course.

To support the carefully planned story that was in the video, we used beautifully thought out visuals. These cinematic style visuals, play a crucial part in supporting the story. People believe what they see so we show them real visuals of Dr. Libby doing what she does every day. This builds trust and credibility in the business and allowed us to produce a visually stunning, compelling story in the form of video. There are many uses for a business video that can make a huge impact on your company.

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