When we started talking with the Global Footcare team it was obvious how much they appreciate their customers and that they do everything they do to help them.

From first impression you’d think they sell and distribute shoes and the truth is they do but they do so much more. They improve the lifestyles of their customers and help them become comfortable so they can do the things they love to do with the people they love.

This meant we needed to create stories that emotionally connected their customers to their business, brand and products.

What’s most inspiring about Global Footcare?

  • 1000’s Worldwide Feedback Medical industry
  • Nimbleness
  • Customer service
  • Creating marketing material
  • Entire team and operations operating out of the same location
  • Brands associated with
  • Product Changes -relationship with brands
  • Collaborative
  • Consumers – making a difference (Consumer-focused brands)
  • Team – stretched, nimbleness (marketing side)
  • Medical heritage
  • In-store – Point of Sale

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The ultimate test of any business is customers being satisfied because customers, when they find something that works for them, they like to repeat. We want consumers to be able to say, we’ve changed their life. We are a distribution company, but more than that we focus on providing brands that are really strong, credible, global brands with a really great inspiration behind it. Generally a medical inspiration in terms of the benefits to the consumer, but these are brands that we distribute across new professionals, big retailers and small retailers and online. That’s really what our focus is.

We’ve been going for round about 12 years now. Focus is to provide not only great products but great solutions for these retailers and medical products, to be able to provide products that the customer needs.

We want to have health benefits associated with our products that we want to get them out to as many consumers as possible so they can experience the quality and health benefits of our products. We don’t provide brands that really don’t have that credibility and that’s what makes us special. All of our products are very much strongly admired by the medical profession, but they’re also very stylish and commercial for the consumer. What’s most inspiring is there’s two aspects. One is we have great brains that’ll provide real benefits to our consumers. And the second thing that’s really inspiring and one thing that I’m very proud of is the fact that our company can respond to feedback very quickly.

Our customers love working with us because we are easy to deal with. They can call us, make an inquiry, we send stock out, we have a full warehouse here on the Gold Coast and we can fulfill any order from one pair, three to 20 pairs.

We provide end to end solutions. We control own warehouses, we work with our key logistics partners, and that means that we control the whole process. We don’t outsource it. So we, we’re very much wind. We can meet the deadlines because we got full control of our stock. As soon as production is ready, I make sure that we are ready to swiftly receive the stock here, pocket, check it in and dispatch it in a timely manner. So that way we can meet deadlines. I’m proud to work for a company that offers people solutions to the problems. We got the expertise to do it, and we got a product to bucket it all up.