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We absolutely love Case Study Videos. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. We love the fact that they are super powerful and it really helps our clients to grow their business.
  2. We love the stories that come from the subjects/clients. We get to learn about the individuals on a personal and business level.
  3. We learn a lot! We learn about other businesses. We learn about business in general.
  4. We love to hear how awesome our clients are from their customers point of view.

Here’s a recent testimonial video story we planned and produced for CSQD. Their client, Paul, from The Go2People had an amazing story and a great personality.

CSQD a design studio are masters of their craft. Yes, they design websites, brands and so on, but we believe they do so much more for their clients.

They enable businesses and companies to become more human-like and get their customers to connect with their brand enabling them to also grow. And all this is done with beautiful design that tells a story in a split second. That first impression.

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