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Why Do I Need Content Videos?

Regularly releasing videos that add and give value to your audience is a great way to build trust and credibility. There is a big push in the business world towards authenticity. People want to see that you are genuinely wanting to help them before they give you their money. Content videos is a great way to offer some free information that builds your brand and shows the authenticity of your business.  It gives you the upper hand on your competition and puts you in another league entirely.

Other Uses For Content Videos

There are many other things you can use content videos for other than gaining trust and credibility.

  • Sales Process: They can be used in the sales process to help get your customer over the line. They do this by overcoming objections for you. The biggest objection is the one that the customer doesn’t bring up. Its the thought in the back of their mind keeping them from pulling the trigger.
  • Overcome Objections: The content video allows you to address all your most common objections and overcome them before the client even gets to you. That way you can save time and address the more pressing objections in person.
  • Nurture Leads: Content videos can be used in your email marketing to nurture leads that haven’t converted yet. They can also be used to send to existing clients to add value to the service you have already provided to them. This can result in more referrals coming from past clients and it also may result in past clients using your services again.


Our graphic design clients, CSQD, are implementing this strategy with 10 content videos that we have created for them. They are using it to send out to their email database and posting it to the public on social media platforms. This is the first of 10 videos that we created for them. It focuses on the importance of logo design and branding. It also overcomes the objection of “I can just do it myself” and “It’s not that important”. This video is carefully designed to build trust and show authenticity in their business.

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