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Cold Xpress

Cold chain logistics is what Cold Xpress excels at. They are an industry leader and continue to grow and take on more happy clients.

One of those happy clients is a grocer that deals in high-value perishable items. This means that the product is fragile and needs to be delivered with care. They also rely on their stock being delivered on time.

Raw Materials experienced what many retailers experience with bad logistics partners, late deliveries, damaged products and no-shows! On the busiest week of the year when their deliveries didn’t show up, a plan had to be made. They called Cold Xpress and they came to the rescue.

Since then Raw Materials has used Cold Xpress for their cold chain logistics suppliers and has never let them down.

When a business has a happy customer, what they tell people is so valuable. Their words can hold a massive return for your business if you use it in the right way. This is called social proof.

Social proof is one of the best types of content that you can produce for your business. Your customers love to feel like they are not alone and not the first, They want to know that someone has tested and approved your services.

Video and Social Proof

The most effective and efficient method of delivering information to an audience is via video. Video is the best way to get your message in front of people in a way that they will receive it.

When you combine the most effective form of delivering content with the best content you can create for your business, you get an amazing combo that can make waves for your business.

Social proof in the form of video, just like the video above, are called case study videos. These videos are so powerful and can be used in many areas of your business. You could use them for awareness in a marketing campaign or improve your sales process. When used correctly these videos can be your most valuable creative asset.

Cold Xpress are using different case study videos to reach different target markets. Target market specific case study videos work best and can result in a higher conversion rate.

Video For Construction Industry

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