We love stories where our clients become booked out and there is a waitlist.
It’s even better when they don’t have to discount their services either and clients see the price they pay as an investment.

Dan & Kayla came onboard midway through 2020, and they went all in.
They have a fantastic story to tell and are unique in their industry.
They started with one of our biggest options, and in this video, they explain why they took the leap of faith and what happened next.

Here’s an interview we recorded with them in November 2020 to tell the story.

What we cover:

  • How they became booked out.
  • The main concerns they had going into video marketing.
  • The cost vs the investment.
  • How they make decisions as a Husband & Wife team.
  • What is the risk of story & ads?
  • What to do if clients want the “cheapest quote.”
  • Leaving a legacy.
  • When is the right time to start Story & Ads?
  • What Coastal Demolitions & Asbestos Removal would look like if we didn’t work together.
  • The best sales pitch.

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