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Create A Connection

Having a great video hinges on your ability to create a great story. Storytelling is everything when it comes to creating a successful video. It is the story that connects and engages with people. Having your audience relate to your business through a story can result in increased sales and satisfaction for your customers. The emotional connection that comes from the story drives the viewer to take an action with your business. It can essentially ‘break the ice’ and act as the first point of contact with your customer. When you do interact with them, they feel like they are a part of and know your business.

Why Case Studies Work

The Case Study video is the most effective type of video content that you can have for your business. It has the highest potential to create an emotional connection and move a prospect into a customer. This works because social proof in the form of video is very powerful when shared on social platforms. It works by creating a connection that puts the viewer in the shoes of the subject. The viewer may have the same problem that the subject in the video has. Seeing the solution to the problem and the outcome of using your business can have a very positive effect of the decision to use your services or product. In this Case Study for CartonCloud, we follow the story of Iannace and how they had a problem with logistics and doubted that CartonCloud would work for them. In the end, CartonCloud worked out and is the best thing that has happened to them. Every business that sees this video that has the same logistical problem will be impacted positively by watching this video. It will create a connection and leave them wondering if they could give CartonCloud a try.

Many Ways To Use A Case Study

Case Study Videos can be used in many different ways to increase conversion and assist in the sales process of your business. Whether it be on the front end, in your marketing or on the back end to inspire and motivate your team. CartonCloud uses their video in an email campaign to dead or lost leads. From using this technique, they have recovered 6% of dead leads and put them onto a trial. This was done by emailing the video for free to their list. Normally it costs thousands of dollars in marketing spend to get a client up to that stage. CartonCloud is also using case study videos on their landing pages and has had over 200% increase in conversion since they started using video. There are many ways you can use Case Study Videos to benefit your business and help it to grow. These are just a handful of ways you use video.

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