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Brave The Cold!

Working with CartonCloud, we were discussing the possibility of creating a case study video that had a different setting. Hotham Freight, being in the snow and in the mountain ranges was the perfect candidate!

The struggle was if it was going to be worth flying down there and braving the cold just to create a couple videos. In short, the answer was a resounding yes! Heres why;

When we were deciding whether or not to go ahead with this case study, there were a couple things we took into consideration. Number one was if it was practical and doable. We decided that it may be difficult but it was still doable.

The deciding factor was this, did it has a great story to tell? After hearing the story of Hotham Freight, we knew that this was one story that we just had to be a part of. After a little more discussion, the decision was made and we were on our way.


The Impact For CartonCloud

This story is so important for CartonCloud. This case study shows that CartonCloud is able to reach and service the remote areas of Australia and the World. It shows the diversity of their business and how they are able to service clients from all locations.

CartonCloud can now use this case study as a sales tool to send to prospects that are in a similar position to Hotham Freight. It will function as social proof for their business in the sales process and help to increase conversion. This case study video has become an asset to them and they will use it to help grow their business.


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