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Endless Possibility

There’s no telling the potential of a case study video when used effectively. There are many different benefits and ways in which a case study video can be used. CartonCloud is using case studies like this one to improve brand awareness and increase sales. Since using a case study video on their landing page, they have increased the landing page conversion rate by 250%. Here a just a few of the ways a Case Study Videos can improve your business.

Increase Sales

You can use a Case Study Video to increase sales in your business. CartonCloud has used their case study video in an email marketing campaign to all their dead leads. This resulted in a 6% conversion rate of all their dead leads. That means straight out of the gate they used their video to increase sales by 6%. That is just the start! As mentioned above, landing pages are a great place to insert your video to increase conversion. There are many other ways you can integrate your case study video into your sales process that will assist in bringing in the money.

Why Does It Work?

Every video we create is carefully constructed to be as effective as possible. The technique we use to ensure that every video is highly effective is storytelling. In every video, we tell a story. Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years and we are no exception. Storytelling is the most engaging way to communicate with each other. It creates an emotional connection that makes us feel as if we are a part of something. It is that connection the we aim to achieve in every video we produce. It is that connection that builds trust and credibility in your business and is the reason why these types of videos are so effective. You can have beautiful visuals and a stunning video but without an effective, compelling story, it won’t achieve the results that matter. More customers.

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