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You Need Social Proof

Social proof is one of the most important forms of content that you can have for your business.

With the rise of social media, and any person being able to tell the world whatever they please, social proof has become vital to growth. Businesses are leveraging the reach and exposure that social media holds to help them grow.

Why is social proof so powerful? The answers lie within our minds. A recently coined psychological tendency called ‘Implicit egotism’, may give some insight.

Implicit egotism is when people gravitate towards other people, places, and things that resemble themselves, which reflects an unconscious process that is grounded in people’s favourable self-associations. According to this theory when someone who is in your target market sees someone else in a similar position with your product, they will subconsciously be more inclined to align themselves with that person or brand.

Basically, social proof works because of the way our mind works. It leverages our human nature. It works because we are human and to create highly effective social proof that gets results, you need to understand our humanity.

Let’s dive deeper into why social proof in the form of video is the most successful form of social proof you can have for your business.


The most effective video you can create for your business to boost conversion and help it grow is a social proof video. CartonCloud has used case study videos (a type of social proof) to increase their sales. They send their case studies to all their potential clients and have increased their conversion rate because of their videos.

These videos work so well because we understand an important element of our human nature, connection.

As humans, we strive to have connection with one another. The best way that we have been creating these connections with each other is through the use of storytelling.

We have been telling stories since the beginning of time. It is the main form of communication we use to engage and interact with each other. This is what your business needs to include in any social proof that you create.

When you include storytelling in your social proof, it allows an important emotional connection to be created between your company and the viewer. It is this connection that will drive the viewer to take action when they are ready.

When a connection is created it also sets the foundation for trust to be built into your brand. Trust is so important as no sale happens without it!

There are so many benefits to using social proof in the form of video. It can make a massive impact on your business. It should be seen as a valuable asset and a means to grow. Start using it today!

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