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Having a business video is a powerful tool that can play a big part in the growth of your business. However, it is one of the most overlooked resources for small to large businesses around the world. With business video production being so readily accessible, it’s a wonder why more small business hasn’t jumped on board yet. Video is a highly effective method to reach your audience with a message. When you see big companies using video more regularly and getting amazing results, that when the rest of the business world starts to pay attention. You can learn a lot by watching what industry leaders are doing. If you want to be the leader in your industry then take advantage of a tool that most of your industry either aren’t using or are not using to its full potential.

Use Video To Grow

There are many different types of video that can play a vital part in the growth of your business. Among the many types of video, which when used correctly are all highly effective in their respected purposes, there is one that is proven to be the most effective. This type of video is a testimonial or case study video. This is when you have one of your customers or clients tell the audience about their experience using your services or product. As this is a form of social proof, it is proven to be highly effective in moving viewers to take action. How and why does it work so well?

Why Video?

Case study videos have a very important key element to them. The viewer is taken on a journey, a story that creates an emotional response. It is this storytelling that is the difference between a good video and a great, highly effective video. When you couple storytelling with social proof in the form of video, it gives you a winning combination that if applied correctly can leave a huge impact on your business. Our Clients CartonCloud, have used this combination to improve their conversion rate. They use videos like this on their product landing pages and have seen over 200% increase in conversion. If you haven’t thought about using video, its time to give it a chance. There are many local video production agencies that can service your needs and help you grow.


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