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Building Trust In A Volatile Industry

How do you build trust and credibility in your brand when your industry is infamous for lack of trust? One of the hardest industries to build trust in is the industry of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The industry is saturated and filled with a sea of people who give it a bad name. Every business owner knows a business owner who has had a bad experience with an SEO. In order to be successful, Jodi from Buzzword needed to do something to establish his brand as unique, different and trustworthy in the industry. They used a business overview video to bring their message across to their audience in a way that communicated trust, authenticity, and excellence in what they do.

A Cut Above The Rest

The key to creating an effective business overview video lies in the story. It is all about storytelling. Having a video with a great story is what will make you stand out from the crowd. The way to build trust is to build a story that is relatable to the audience and show them that you are human and not just a stranger on the other side of the world asking for their money. It is through an engaging story that an emotional connection is created that pushes the audience to take action. The result is a customer who feels like they already know you before they even meet you. This is highly beneficial in the sales process and can greatly affect your business in a positive way, just like Buzzword.


What they had to say – Results Speak For Themselves

Buzzword used their video to bring in a client within a week of them publishing it on social media. The message they communicated and the trust that was produced from the video was enough to cause a viewer to inquire and sign on as a client. This is the power of video when used effectively with marketing. Buzzword is continuing to use their video in every step of the sales process due to its great effectiveness in communicating their message and building trust.

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