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No Better Way than Social Proof

What better way to show your audience what you can do than to show them what you have already done for someone in their position? This technique is widely used today and is called ‘social proof’.

Social proof is where a third party gives a testimonial on your services. This can be done in many forms, from online to in person. Social proof is one of the most powerful tools you can use to grow and leverage more sales in your business no matter what industry you are in.

It works so well because it builds a key value that is needed before every single transaction takes place. Your potential customer will not move forward in the sales process unless they trust you enough to do so.

Trust is essential in every single sale and social proof speeds up the process. In the digital age, almost all businesses use social proof in one form or another. There is a form of social proof that is tops them all.

Social Proof + Video = Yay!

Video is proven to be the most effective form of communicating a message to an audience.

People believe what they more than if they heard the same thing. That is why video carries so much more weight than text. When the power of video is combined with social proof in the form of a video testimonial or case studies, it is highly successful.

We created this Case Study video for Busy At Work to show their audience how they are able to work with big-ticket companies. City Beach is one of Australias largest retailers and shows that Busy At Work is able to handle large-scale operations. If another large company in the same position sees this video, they will be confident that Busy At Work will be able to deliver the same results for them.

However, it isn’t just video and social proof that holds the power here. There is one more vital component that ensures the success of the video.

The Most Important Part

The most important component is storytelling.

This is the force that holds everything together and ensures your video gets results. We have been telling stories for as long as history can remember.

Storytelling has come in many forms over the years such as cave paintings, hieroglyphics, books, art, theatre and many more. The story is what creates the connection in the viewer that holds their attention and moves them to take meaningful action.

It is the Story in the video that is the secret ingredient that holds it all together.

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