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Social Proof, The New Digital Currency

As you know, social proof is a powerful tool that many companies are leveraging to get massive results. In the digital age where every person with an internet connection has the ability to share their experiences with the world, social proof is becoming the currency of social platforms. If used correctly, social proof can be the jet fuel your business needs to launch out of the hole you find you can never quite get out of. How do you leverage the ‘mystical power’ of social proof to make it work in your favor? You need to deliver the social proof in a way that captures attention and creates a connection with the audience that moves them to take action. The perfect way to do this is with video.

Video Is The Way To Go

Let’s face it, these days people are less inclined to read a paragraph about what someone else thinks about your business. However, if there is a video of someone telling you about their experience, the engagement is way higher. This is because video is proven to be the best way to get a message across to your audience. The best type of social proof comes in the form of video. Video testimonials or case studies are shown to be the most effective form of video content. One of the case studies that we produced for CSQD resulted in them getting a huge return on their investment just from one client who saw the video. These videos are specially designed to get the best results possible.

How Does It Work?

In every one of our Case Study Videos, we include one vital ingredient, story. Storytelling is the lifeblood of a successful video. You can have the most stunning visuals but if you do not have a story, then it will not achieve the results you are expecting. It is the story in the video that captures an holds the attention of the audience. It is the story that creates an emotional connection that drives the viewer to take action. It is the story that builds trust and in the minds of the audience. The story is so critical to have a video that gets results. With every single one of our clients we run through a process we have designed called the Story Development Session. This is an intensive session where we dive deep into the business and form their story. It is out of this session that everything else flows. It is how we are able to produce so many highly effective videos for our clients.

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