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The problem… An industry that lacks trust.

In an industry that is saturated and known for having a negative reputation, standing out becomes a challenge. There is a barrier of distrust in every interaction with a potential client.

Globital is a white label digital marketing agency. They outsource their services to make it possible for other digital marketing agencies to use them to scale their business.

The problem that Damian Papworth, Director of Globital, was facing, was that outsourcing these services has a very bad reputation in the industry. This meant that his prospective clients didn’t even want to know about what he was doing in the industry.

This was the challenge that presented itself. Damian did not let that stop him from overcoming it and moving forward.

A Video that Builds Trust

In order to get around this barrier, there needed to be a way to break down the walls of distrust so that the potential clients would hear and see what Globital has to offer. The answer was video.

We were contracted by Globital to create a video that would help build trust in the audience. Video plays a huge role in the sales process, its the first point of contact. It is one of the first times a person sees Globital.

It needs to give a good first impression and show that they are different from the rest of the industry.

They need to stand out.

Storytelling Masters

Building trust and standing out can all be achieved with video but it first starts with your story.

Video is just the messenger, your story is the tool that will leave the biggest impact. Your story is completely unique to your business, no one else can copy it. It is your greatest asset.

Your story is what people will connect with on an emotional level. When you want to build trust, it starts with creating a connection. This is the connection that will drive your audience to take meaningful action.

We take all our clients through a process called the Story Development Session. This is where we help you craft your message and make it as effective as possible. We then take your message and package it in a way that your target audience will receive it.

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