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Creating Captivating Video

The reason we are able to create videos that are so engaging is that we don’t just focus on the video. If all we did was focus on the visuals and getting the best shot then we would end up with a pretty good video. It would look amazing but that’s all it would be. To emotionally capture your audience there has to be a story and a story that is genuine and powerful. This is the secret to making amazing videos every time. They captivate and engage your audience on a whole other level.

Creating Genuine Stories

Whats the secret to creating genuine stories in your videos? It all starts with our Story Development Session that we have with all our clients. This is where we extract the real story behind their business. We want to know their desires, their goals, their purpose so we can get an idea of what makes them tick and what drives them to get out of bed every morning. It’s that drive and purpose that we inject into our questions in the interview stage that draws out a genuine authentic story.

Incredible Outcomes

These videos have amazing results when applied to business in one or many possible ways. For ARC Projects, the results were extremely beneficial to their business. In today’s world, where everyone is an expert, we are starved of authenticity. It’s becoming more about the buying experience rather than the product itself. We buy stories and experiences. If you can communicate that to your audience in a 3 min video, you are miles ahead of your competition already.


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