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Want to execute a successful video marketing campaign? We’ve created a PDF document for companies that know video works but are not sure how the process works. Click here to download!

by | Jul 5, 2016 | Video Strategy

Every company seeks for the “perfect” video.

They soon find their customers demand more in order to click the ‘contact’ or ‘buy now’ button.

Our clients sometimes feel lost when it comes to the style of video most applicable for their content, and then it all changes.

Each video put out needs a voice, and a particular style dependent on the genre. Listed below are five examples of videos we suggest for your company.

1. Customer Experience Video

Customer Experience Films, also called testimonials, are the most popular genre of video we create for our clients.

Customer Experience films are the easiest and most coherent way of convincing potential future clients to make use of your business or product. Hearing from your current or past clients settles their minds easier, rather than you as a business explaining it yourself.

  1. Each Customer Experience video needs to follow a story formula (read about the story formula on our blog page to further understand this). Essentially each formula follows the same 5 steps-
  2. Desire (what your video hopes to achieve)
  3. Conflict (what are the issues your video comes against)
  4. Journey/ Solution(how to solve said issues)
  5. Result (what happens now the issues are solved)

You use your visuals to paint a subconscious impression on your audience of relatability and a similarity with your subject.

Once that’s established they’ll be more inclined to make use of the services or product you’re offering them through the testimonials of others.

Do this successfully and your customer experience video is working. Make use of music to match the tone you’re setting and augment the visuals.

You’ll find some examples of successful testimonial customer experience video films below, use these to give you some idea of the direction you want to take.

Xerox Business Centre – Larry Malan from Ray White Broadbeach

To see full case study click here.



Integrated HR


Mortgage Choice


2. Continious Content Videos

One way to build trust and rapport with potential clients is to provide them with ongoing content and campaigns.

Content videos allow your message to go viral, bringing more awareness by letting users share and distribute them on a frequent basis.

While they may not need the solution your company provides currently, having your content out there regularly allows them a solution when they need it.

More content can also mean more authority in the market place, you’re more out and about than your competitors.

The focus of these campaigns is not usually aimed towards sales, but rather spreading your message.

Think of these videos as digital assets- they’re always there and will always have value one way or another. Her’s an examples you can look at:

Michael Cooper


3. Service or Product Videos

More visual than story- a service or product video provides upfront and direct information about your product or service. If you’re selling a product- showcasing it in it’s intended environment gives the viewer an exact approximation of the product’s worth- rather than leave it to their imagination.

Allow these videos to be more visual than anything else- they are a straightforward selling tool.

These films needn’t be narrative heavy, rather get straight to the point. You’re using the video as a visual sales pitch. A proven favourite of direct to consumer companies looking to clearly outline their message.

4. Case Study Videos

One of our favourite type of films, one that business can use to build trust and create a buzz about their product.

A case study video shows how you’ve assisted previous clients, and by doing this gives potential future clients an idea of how you can help them in a similar fashion. Xero does this very well.

You build an authority on certain aspects by providing your experience in the matter.

Key ingredients for a good case study are members of your own team discussing key factors in the displayed project- giving an introduction for some context- and then explaining the objectives and their outcomes.

At the end be sure to exhibit the results- whether that be a return on an investment or a successfully assisted client.

You need to show real people discussing real problems to camera, and explaining how your company and the service it offered resulted in their problem being solved.

Use powerful and emotive visuals to tell a compelling story, using the subject’s story to direct both the things you see an the things you hear. Make it personal, and potential clients will connect and remember you in their time of need.

5. An Overall Business or Branding Film

Most of our clients approach us initially with this type of film- however I’ve placed it last on this list for a reason.

The four aforementioned videos listed are more customer-focused, slightly more personal and easier to connect to.

Business or Branding films lend their voice more to the business itself.

If the intention of your video is more directed internally to your members of staff, then fair enough. It’s still in this list as it’s important to note this video can be made from a client’s point of view- displaying how you can help them rather than make it all about you.

In the past we’ve created business or branding films to show the culture of the team, as well as to communicate why the company exists in the first place- what services they provide and how they better the market place they inhabit. If communicated in this why it can still be taken as more client focused, while still insuring the visuals are about your business.

Business or branding films should still highlight problems potential clients might face, and provide how they’d be solved in a lighter way- not so in your face.

Lastly, potential customers will still be the crux of your audience and so you’ll want to be engaging them on an emotional plane. We utilize beautiful and emotive visuals to paint your company’s picture, pairing them with authentic voice overs and stimulative music that people inherently want.

The video you put out will serve as your voice more than anything else, thus it’s important to know which direction and style you’ll need before taking your idea past the developmental phase.

We’re more than happy to assist you and point you in the right direction, to tell your story the best and most logical way we can.

Think about what you want, then think about what your customers want- once that’s figured out- we can take the next step together.

Want to execute a successful video marketing campaign? We've created a PDF document for companies that know video works but are not sure how the process works. Click here to download!

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