When A Town Runs Dry, Crossfit & My Mom’s Motorcycle

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As our curated series continue, I had a great time choosing my favourite films for the week.

This week, I have the idea of ‘being different’ or ‘standing out’ in mind and I think the following 3 films are just that.

When A Town Runs Dry

by Go Project Films

The wide landscapes caught my eye to start with but then the story pulled me in.

The film is slow, but I feel the story is so strong that it keeps me engaged and curious so I keep watching.

What's Crossfit? The Italian answer

by Crossfit Castelfranco

So this is one of my favourites this week. Wait. I have 3 favourites!

The reason this video captured my attention was that every crossfit or gym video I have seen in the past is very energetic with fast paced music and quick shots that scream intensity.

This film does the complete opposite. It stands out.

If I was presented with this video as somebody that wants to join a crossfit gym or get started with crossfit, it would grab my attention and have me join up.

My Mom’s Motorcycle: My Rode Reel

by Douglas Gautraud

I am a big fan of Wes Anderson and the cinematography used in this film reminded me of his movies.

The story is strong and very personal but most of all I enjoyed the sound design and cinematography of this film.

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