New York City Vibes, Leap of Faith & Boxing in Cuba

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As filmmakers we enjoy good work when we come across it and it’s only fair to share it with our circles.

It’s my aim to show and amplify some of the works that are going around to give our clients, readers and followers ideas.

Below you will find 3 pieces that inspired me on a personal level.


by Tim Sessler

The cinematography, editing and music alone made me watch this film a couple of times.

The story inspired me. Maybe because I catch myself romanticising over New York every so often.

But in the end it’s the story. It’s a very strong story and so deep. I had to watch it three times to catch a glimpse of what was going on. Maybe it’s open and very subjective.

Leap Of Faith

by FIA Formula

The first shot of the video did it for me, with a massive curiosity hook. The film screamed at me to watch further and I did.


I think a lot of businesses can learn this storytelling technique to use in their own businesses.

Cuba's One-Woman Boxing Revolution


There is a common theme to this weeks curated videos and that is the videos are all inspirational.

This one for me is inspirational and also tells a deep story.

Shot after shot hooks me and begs me to keep on watching. The pace of the music also helps with that.

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